Thursday, January 6, 2011


I feel so damn when he try to controlled my life.oh shit! last night I try so hard spending time with him true phone..That was a big mistake that I ever had in my life..getting with him also a mistake..perhaps. urgh.

As he is currently continue his study, I already told him that his life at hostel totally different.oh thank god dia duduk kolej yg tak jauh with  his home. oh god! I cant imagine if he traveled to another state..stop with that and it really make me thanks to god. 

I been living hostel for about 3 year so clearly I know the environment and as a good GF..maybe..I advice him to be a choosy person and also beware of I already told him to do not push me too much..also I remind him to not expecting I will answer his call anytime and reply his sms anywhere whenever he likes..

but now,see he couldnt listen to my every single words and now he keep push me up..expect things dat I oredi told him to do not..but he refuse..

end of his class, he called me and text me. I cant reply becuz I dont have time for that..Im working dude! what did he expect from me? When your boss is in front of you, did u dare to answer call or reply any message? surely not and not me..

suddenly came in my mind..why I must take a risk couple with someone who his mentality like a child? 

I had  long conversation which is end to a fight.I explain to him my situation but then he show off her situations too..I know this conversation will be done correctly and got solution if he compromise with me. Fine if he wont, but during this, he's the one who only conquer the conversation by shut me up and force me to listen his how about me? dont you think this is unfair? it really is.

Lastly , he just end phone like that with a rude style and leaving me on the phone while Im the one who really tired and force myself to stay up concerning of our problem..Do I have to keep him?


  1. hmm...sabar aje laa kak ika..ini baru couple, akak....belum nikah lagi..kan? perjalanan masih, take your time and pray to God supaya akk bley buat pilihan yang tepat n I promise that you won't regret for your entire life ^_^

  2. ermm agak emo lah time..well..its duin fine.saje je meluah luah..=D

  3. hehe..tau xpe kan, kite, kite punye page..n skati kite la kan,nak cakap yg bengang, kalo ade org nak kutok2 blog sialan laa gak..hehe

  4. hahahahah! dye jeels arti dye takde blog..kite ade blog...bukan sialan,mmg sialan dah pun dik..