Monday, January 10, 2011


hahahahahah! mcm gampang kan..sorry KFC punye aweks ELIA..saje kasi panas line..

post ni takde kene mengena ngan anda wahai KEPc or ELia.

I label diz as jejari tak runcing becuz my jari is not runcing and very demoks

just now i received one text message from my lil sista.

lil sista  : hey, now im watching AWAN NANO, by HAFIZ AF 7

me : see! gud right..I havent listen to his song yet, but oredi watch his video clip without any sound..

lil sista : how could it be lol?

me : hahaha cuz theres no speaker here lah.

lil sista : I wonder why you are soo eksaited since the video clips launching.

me : kantoi now u know oredi ehe.

lil sista : are u fall in love with him?

me : no lol..i adore him the way he treat girl okey..not less than dat..

lil sista: that guy , who is it? AH right..very the poyos u know..bajet ensem & bley dpt HZ le tuh

me : no lah..he cant cuz nabeyl is belong to HZ..but if u want AH to be ur brother in law, my plesure..

lil sista : eyukkssssss please...

me : now i smell some jelousy here..

lil sista : if i get him for free, I rather change  it with a bundle of lolipop..

me : no u are not becuz he will never ever expecting to have u in his life..

lil sista : oh yeah! me either.

honestly im speecless when watch dat not focusing on him but the video clips..seriously.

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